Soylent Green

Released in 1973, Soylent Green was directed by Richard Fleischer. This American film is freely adapted from the eponymous novel by American writer Harry Harrison, published in 1966.

Blade Runner

Created by Ridley Scott, Blade Runner remains the greatest masterpiece of the director who knew in this cult film released in 1982, how to marry an aesthetical approach both revolutionary and intimate, with the captivating music of an electronic genius, Vangelis.

Logan's Run

Logan's run (Crystal Age) is a 1976 film directed by Michael Anderson, starring Michael York.


Brainstorm is undoubtedly THE cult film, for those who want to understand the purpose of VR technologies and immersive universes.

Metropolis by Fritz Lang

Metropolis is one of the first sci-fi silent films released in 1927. It was created by German director Fritz Lang, in black and white.

V (1983 TV series)

The American series V, of which the first episodes were broadcast on television in 1983, has undoubtedly become a cult achievement in the world of SF.


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