The Book of Boba Fett

In the continuity of The Mandalorian, rather successful, fans of Star Wars Vintage will now be satisfied with the brand new series, The book of Boba Fett released on Disney + since end of December 2021.

Matrix, Resurrections

We weren't expecting it, although rumors had been around for over 17 years. Iconic of the new millenium to come, even prophetic, we had grown used to this universe of the two worlds in between.

New 007... And The Last?

No Time To Die is therefore the last opus of the 007 franchise. It is also the one in which Daniel Craig appears for the last time, impeccably slipped into his legendary tuxedo.

Dune 2021

Since we are in the age of warming up, let's be a little indulgent and patient. After all, we know the story from the book (Frank Herbert in 1965) or the movie adaptation that David Lynch concocted in 1984.


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