Matrix, Resurrections

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We weren't expecting it, although rumors had been around for over 17 years. Iconic of the new millenium to come, even prophetic, we had grown used to this universe of the two worlds in between. So, why this comeback, after three major opuses that complemented each other so well?

The Trilogy

The Matrix trilogy has been, like a triumphal arch, a mythical and mythological doorway to cyberspace and a landmark much more than just Geek for a whole generation, actress and spectator of the Internet boom. But before going any further, a few quick key facts. Did you know that Neo (main character) is the anagram of One? The stunts were actually performed by the actors who were held by cables, then digitally erased. To produce all the slow-motion scenes, a 360-degree photo camera set has been used, providing a several thousand images sequencing per second (24 is the normal rate with a conventional video camera), called the bullet time process. This technique was inspired by the work of Adweard Muybridge in 1878 (Sallie Gardner at a Gallop).

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