Dune 2021

Credits (photography) / © 2021 - 2022 Warner Bros / Legendary Films - All rights reserved. Scene from the movie (source: / WB)
Since we are in the age of warming up, let's be a little indulgent and patient. After all, we know the story from the book (Frank Herbert in 1965) or the movie adaptation that David Lynch concocted in 1984. We then remember the slightly Flash Gordon kitsch style, coarse special effects (even for that period), baroque and a little bit romantic.
Credits (photographs) / © 2021 - 2022 Warner Bros / Legendary Films - All rights reserved. Scene from the movie (source: / WB)

A revised draft?

Paul Atréides returns finally to his captivating planet of Arrakis (also called Dune). Undoubtedly, a bright revenge for this masterful litterature artwork, as the first version for the cinema was so coldly received to the point of pushing David Lynch to almost renounce his opus somewhat. This was not the first attempt, Alejandro Jodorowsky had risked it in 1970 but because of a lack of funding, the film was never made. However, Orson Welles appeared in the credits and even Salvador Dali... Two TV series were also conceived for the television (Dune in 2000 and The Children of Dune in 2003), on which we will not epilogize further more.

Still, others have tried and eventually give up like Ridley Scott in 1984. Let's pretend that Denis Villeneuve, who has already produced First Contact in 2016 and Blade Runner 2049 in 2017, carries on his shoulders much more than the public's eargerness. Additional pressure, the Warner Bros. announces in December 2020 that the film would be released simultaneously in theaters and on the HBO Max platform on October 22, 2021 (September 15, 2021 in France). Grinding of teeth followed immediately.

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But the result is there. Shiny and beautiful... Filling our expectations. It is true however that the original draft had been largely reworked by others. But Denis Villeneuve gave it the amplitude that everyone was waiting for. The characters are obviously much more enigmatic, and we also appreciate the modesty with which the Québécois director has chiseled his work. Violence is present but diluted, the graphic content is in short partially banished. Our imagination is doing the rest. Good point ! This is not to displease those who are saturated with unbearable images. So the pace is quite different, we finally take the time to deepen the immersion. A sequel is planned, two or three acts, but to date, no confirmation from the Warner Bros. company.


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